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Photo Retouching

In my many years of photo retouching I have applied a multitude of methodologies. I originally used a Paasche AB airbrush. As Photoshop progressed and changed I also changed by adding new techniques to my approach. There is no one way to do things in Photoshop. Some techniques work better than others. There are some quick techniques that work well for low resolution products

I will give a brief description of my goals in each of the samples and the methodolgy used. I will be using CSS rollovers so you can compare before and after images.

Color Enhancement

This photo of a young French girl at her grandfather's olive ranch used some quick and dirty techniques. The lights are blown out and a good deal of the detail in the light area has been lost. Some cloning was done to remove clothing wrinkles and unwanted details and to add flowers.

The images for Before (Top) and After (Lower) results.

French Girl playing Ukelele

Photo Restoration

This 1940s era photo of a young American girl high school girl used some quick an dirt techniques. The blossoming from age has been removed by cloning. The right eye was carefully reconstructed. A variety of techniques was used to remove dust specks and damage. A better sepia tone was utilized to compensate for the orange blossoming

Before (Top) and After (Bottom) results.

Photo Restoration

This 1980s era wedding photo was restored using cloning and the spot healing brush. The photo had a slight orange cast so there was need of color correction also. There was a great deal of damage due to some type of spray which had damaged the film emulsion. This was not quick and dirty but a lengthy process. Only a few short cuts could be taken.

Before (Top) and After (Bottom) results.

Color Correction

This image was used for several high resolution projects. The photo was supplied by the client but was underexposed. Channel masks were used and selective color correction was applied. Quite a few adjustments were made. Sharpening was done in LAB mode

Before (Top) and After (Bottom) results.