Ken Richardson spaceship

More than meets the eye


If you have a mere inkling of what you need, our collaboration will make it happen. Take the case of a client who was going to hire an acquaintance that could draw. When the developers saw my portfolio they recognized the difference between knowing how to draw and drawing well. My talents and their ideas have made for a successful partnership with a consistent look and feel.

More than meets the eye

Sometimes a client does not see the desired art style in my portfolio. One time a client needed some icons created in and for a specific graphics program. Since I had never used the software, the client did not want to pay me for learning. We agreed it would not be fair. Because of my experience, I was able to learn the software quickly, complete the icons and do some extra work for them all on time and right at their budget.

All Systems Go!

I will bring years of teamwork and cooperation to your project. I had just completed localizing graphics and text for a client. They needed me to scan in penciled roughs of their "hero" character. After completing the scanning, my contract was extended again to post produce some graphics. Shortly thereafter, the "hero" animator, the director of the multimedia department and the creative director departed. The acting project manager asked me to clean up the unfinished animations in cooperation with the lead animator, and create whatever the engineers and the lead artist needed to complete the project. The product was successfully completed and released.


This side bar image is a collage several high resolution projects. The illustrations are a mixture of digital and traditional images. Channel masks were used and selective color correction was applied.