Ken Richardson spaceship

More than meets the eye

Pixel Art

Studio 8 was the first 256 color program I used to create graphics, it was created by Electronic Arts. It seems graphic creation has come full circle. Graphic optimization is again a concern for the mobile platform.

The Learning Company

Reader Rabbit was a huge hit for The Larning Company. This was the menu screen. I created all the elements for this interface. This includes the bird's eye view of the scene.

The learning Company

Computer Curriclum Corporation

These 256 color graphics are representative of the artwork I created for the many CCC products. CCC was a big player in the educational market. At one time I was working with 40 other artists at headquarters.

Computer Curriculum Corporation

SEGA of America

I did many things at SEGA. Animation clean up, level tile creation, animation, scanning, localization. I did whatever needed to be done. These are stills from some animations I cleaned up.

Sega animation stills

Atari GCS

The Atari Graphic Construction Set (GCS) was an early vector drawing program. Unfortunately I can't open those files with today's technology.