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More than meets the eye

Medical Illustration


Cover illustration for Neurobiological Neuroanatomy authored by Henry J. Ralston chairman of the Anatomy department at UCSF. Demonstrated are the myelin sheath, axon, neurofibrils and neurotramsitters. Traditional medical illustration rendered in oil paint.



Carbon dust skull. More detail is possible with carbon dust than a digital photograph because of the contrasts in light and dark. All the foramen are visible.

Carbon dust Skull


Watercolor and airbrush surgical illustration. Goauche was used for the connective tissue over the tendon. Color sketches were made during the surgery. The sketches were combined into one final illustration.

Hand surgery


Acrylic and airbrush illustration for courtroom presentation. For this particular case there were pre-operative 3D MRIs for reference. In addition to the MRIs, xrays and surgical reports were used as references.

Medical Legal Illustration