Ken Richardson spaceship

More than meets the eye



This is a conceptual illustration executed solely in Photoshop. All painting with simple color. No special effects except the glow around the laser beams. A seemingly peaceful planet somewhere out in the solar system. There is a small ship, framed in the planet, that is intent on destroying the ship in the foreground.

Conceptual Illustration

Matte Painting

This painting, of a colony on Mars, is a grand combination of photographic resources and digital painting. The towers are taken sfrom photos of Hoover dam. The planet surface is composed of mineral pools from Yellowstone. Perspective was applied to the surface. There is a good deal of color correction and enhancement being applied to the images.

Matte Painting


Acrylic paint and airbrush. Largely airbrush and masks to create this promotional illustraion. This is a traditional study in complemetatry colors and light and shade.

Tiger's Den


A waterworks product illustration. Completed solely in Illustrator. Using transformations and gradations to create a clear, accurate, believable Waterworks flyfishing reel.

WaterWorks reel