Ken Richardson spaceship

More than meets the eye


The graphics on the suitcase were created in Illustrator. A series of faux travel labels. The suitcase was a die cut. I worked closely with the print vendor and the clients.Each label had its own characteristic font.

Mosaica suitcase

Label designs

One of the many travel labels created for the die cut suitcase. The pattern I created for the giraffe was based on the actual hide. A mask was used for the design. The font was chosen for its wildlife look.

Poster Design

A mock up of a poster used as a demonstration for my students at Carrington College. I borrowed imagery and modified it, removing a logo and the background. The font was simulating melting ice.

The Melting poster design

Poster, CD, Booklet

For this project a poster, postcard CD and CD booklet were created. I modified a template provided by thhe vendor from 28 pages to 32 pages. There were many content revisions on all the collateral.

Mosocw Moon Poster

Business Cards

A select group of business cards. Some times my illustrations skills are utilized in a design.

Business Card Designs