Ken Richardson spaceship

More than meets the eye

Design, Animation, Illustration

Along the way I have used 8- bit graphics programs, 3D modeling software, video-editing suites, sound editing packages and a slew of animation programs. Being fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, is a great asset to any team I am on.

For over fifteen years I have been creating fun and compelling user experiences for many ventures. My work has graced content, from educational and edutainment to pure entertainment.

I have optimized images for every conceivable platform and delivery system. Working closely with engineers, focus groups and developers I have contributed to many fantastic ventures.

What I can do for you

As a member on large and small teams I apply my visual communication skills to perfecting design solutions. Whether I am communicating with the vice president of the company, the director of marketing, or a fellow artist, my goal is to articulate conceptual visions and processes.

Create and produce print and web projects. Create visuals to be used in a wide variety of applications, from mechanical drawings used in the production of anatomical models to creating icons in programs such as Visio. Create maps and charts, presentations or motion graphics. As a visual communicator I use the methods and materials that most clearly communicate information to the audience.

I am a problem solver.