Ken Richardson spaceship

More than meets the eye


The first animation I completed was a pencil test on animation paper and photographed using a Forox camera was to be shot on threes. This worked out to 8 frames per second. The panning and any other camera movement was done using mathematical calculations. So, a shot sheet was critical. We received instruction from an animator working at Lucas Studios.

My first computer animation was done in Macromedia Director. Then Flash came along which was great for small animation file sizes. GIF Builder was great for assembling rasterized graphics into an animation.

Flash animation to HTML 5

This file was originally created in Flash and saved as an HTML 5 file using the Toolkit for CreateJS extension. I created this as a demonstration to my students, wanting to highlight the use of symbols and animation presets. Also, GIF symbols, as in this case, Wile E. Coyote. I also wanted to demonstrate the use of a motion path. The use of the walk cycle was highlighting the use of registration points for joints.

The balloon was created in Adobe Illustrator. All other assets were created in Flash.

Gif Animation

This is a GIF animation for the Knowledge Factory Educational software company.

Knowledge Factory

Game Animation

This sprite animation was originally created in Deluxe Animator (DA) for SEGA of America. We used a limited palette, eight colors to be exact. It was created on the MS DOS platform. The game was released on time but it didn't do well financially. The animation you see here was created by importing PICTS, exported from DA, into Photoshop and exported as a GIF animation.

Sega Animation

Flash animation

Flash animation utilized action script to control the animation. The client supplied some of the assets, two of the figures and the calculator. The graphics I created needed to stylistically match the provided assets. All file size restrictions were met.